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News & Highlights

NAP CWN Partnership Agreement

Cargo World Network ( CWN ) and Neutral Air Partner ( N.A.P ) two of the most recognised neutral freight solutions global alliances have recently agreed to sign a strategic partnership agreement, aiming to provide first class neutral air & ocean consolidation solutions to the global logistics community. Read More..

Official launch of Cargo World Network

Sao Paulo, Brazil – April 10th 2015Six of the world’s leading ocean freight consolidators have joined forces laying the foundation for the development of Cargo World Network. Today was the launch of the first annual general meeting held by CWN in conjunction with Intermodal South America logistics fair in Sao Paulo.

The Cargo World Network (CWN) is an association of selected, leading regional operators in maritime consolidation, cooperating on unified standards, providing their customers with coherent, reliable and environmentally friendly, global transportation services.

The partnership extends beyond daily business, fostering exchange and cooperation in fields of strategy, procurement, information technology and other industry challenges.

The core members of CWN, comprising of AMASS International Group (China, Hong Kong & USA), FM Global Logistics (Southeast Asia & India), TCI International Logistics (Germany & Scandinavia), Cargo Movers International (UK), Boxline UCL (Italy, Adriatic & Baltic), and Consol Alliance (Australia), have engaged further local market leaders from across the globe, joining the network.

All members are well-established local experts, with collective local resources, knowledge and facilities that give our customers the competitive advantage of accessing innovative ideas and direct sailings connecting ports worldwide.

They share a proven track record to outperform others in their market and embody an entrepreneurial spirit that is key to the culture of Cargo World Network. The high level of commitment to our customers through leading quality service, efficient operation and effective cost management is their strength.

“Our member’s customers worldwide are increasingly looking for global solutions, thus a committed team of partners has built Cargo World Network, combining flexible LCL services with IT capabilities and local expertise,” said Ruben Huber, Vice President of AMASS Group and Co-President of CWN.

“The partnership gives us the strength to not only share local and global best practices overcoming common challenges, it also enables members to promote their services to customers on a global scale”, he continued.Utilising a Smart IT Network, CWN integrates the services and solutions from their members in one secured and comprehensive system that allows customers to plan, search and track in real-time.

With members aligned in the network’s unified service standards, customers can expect to conduct their transactions with confidence in CWN’s neutrality and reliability.

“The globalised industry is ever changing and we understand the flexibility our customers need to overcome this. The network has a range of opportunities for members and customers to leverage on in order to drive their business to the next level and we are excited to see how this empowers them,” added Yang Heng Lam, Executive Director of FM Global Logistics and Co-President of CWN.

Cargo World Network. Global Leading Consolidators

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